Memo to AP 7 - Commander Burnham

Memo to Post Alpha Papa 7, "down the line"

regret to inform you that combine troops have locked down area. gunships patrol constantly.

your current position is well-hidden; however it is becoming increasingly untenable.

were you to remain there is no doubt you will be discovered.

of course, movement away from your post proper is likely to be detected quickly. the concentration of combine troops in the area suggests that a patrol could reach your position in approximately one minute.

due to the unique nature of your protected position, attempting to flee is just as dangerous as remaining. the only difference is whether you would fight from a relatively barricaded position or hunkered down in the open.

the resistance is not a military organization, so we have no authority to issue you orders concerning your own self-preservation. we have only asked that you serve us against the combine where you would, and you have done that much.

best of luck to you. know that your invaluable intelligence re: combine experimental strider facility helped strike a mighty blow for the resistance.

if and when activity in your sector dies down i will dispatch whomever i can spare to find word of your post.

but i hope to see you all back here before that happens.

humanity breathes in.

-Cmdr. Burnham, Cell 10, "Black Angels"

Posted on 21:37

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